Message From CEO

As Emek Elmas Mermer, we greatly value working with focus, quality and understanding. Us workers are
qualified, and we aim to utilize our strengths to construct the future in a postive manner. We focus growing quickly
both technologically and also environmentally. Via our investments, we produce and give service at the highest

    Yearly we produce 85,0000 m² of marble within our facilities to then display to our valued customers.

    We display different dimensions and scenarios to architects, designers and project owners in order to ensure that we produce the best product possible. The sheets and sizes we sell make up 45% of the concept housing within our area, 25% within our  domestic market, and the other 30% of our products get distrubuted to; Europe, Middle  East and Central asian countries. The exportation of our products are World wide. 

By giving great importance to research and development, we ensure that our facilities increase in quality as the days progress. Instead of using synthetic  products, we prefer to use natural stone, to ensure that our customers have  the ultimate experience. We are striving to modernize and enlargen the  capacity of our facilities, we are also  ensuring that we remove any impurities  from the water in which we work with. We refine approximately  4,000 litres of water to make sure that we do not harm our environment in  the slightest.

We are proud of the fact that the material and stone we use are Turkish and benefit the economy.

We are working everyday, by utilising our experience to benefit the future generations and also for our beautiful
country to grow, and to posses a high status within the construction realm.

About of Hilmi Yıldırım

In 1960, Gümüşhane born Hilmi Yıldırım completed his education in his home town, however migrated to Zonguldak afterwards. He was introduced to the marble industry in 1981, and decided to establish his own workshop, where he continued to work on his projects.In 1990, he continued his workshop in Karadeniz. With his hard work and dedication, he assisted Emek Elmas Mermer by giving them a solid foundation to work on. In 1992, he put pen to paper in order for the main factory to be built. In 2000, it became a family business, and in 2015 Emek Elmas Mermer purchased the second factory which was located in Bilecik, which ultimately ensured that the business grew.
The Chairman