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Mermer Maden San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

We are using our local natural stone resources to achieve production and we are proud of evaluating our added value to the economy of our country.
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About Us

Briefly We

1988 - Today

Our Company Story

By being the first marble business within the Karadeniz area,
our adventures ultimate goal is to display, spread our business
name and our natural stones in an attempt to further develop
our target market. Not only to the Turkish, but also to the
World as a whole.

By establishing our marble business within Karadeniz in 1992, we started and also continued to be the greatest powerhouse in the whole area. By purchasing our second  factory in Bilecek, Turkey in 2015, we continued to grow and develop.


First Factory

In line with our decisions in 1991, we established our first factories in 1992, we established and signed large projects.

Our Story

With the original foundation from 1992 being changed, 26
years after the honourable journey began. Mr Elmas was the
leader in making changes in order for the company to become
worldwide, known and successful.

Since the beginning of man kind the use of marbles have been
associated and symbolised alongside power and magnificence.
By understanding that, modern day quality and service has
only enabled us to progress further forward. It has changed
and modified the history of marble Stones forever.

Mr Elmas strives to create many sorts of stone in order to serve and appeal to multiple countries around the World. With all these investments, he aims to push both his company and planet earth further towards greatness.

Our Activity



  • Muğla Beyazı
  • Bilecik Beji
  • Düzce Beji
  • Emparador
  • Traverten

kesimi yapılmaktadır. Müşteri taleplerini karşılamak için Mezar, Anıt, Kalın Başlık, Top Baba yanı sıra Granit, Butik Taş ve Onyx çeşitleri bulunmaktadır.

Makine parkımız ise blok kesme este cila hattı pah kırma ebatlamalar çoklu dilme portal vinçler ve arıtma tesisinden ibarettir. Mermerden çıkan partikülü arıtarak temiz su fabrikamızda kullanılmaktadır. Çamur ise 360 ton preste sıkılarak dolgu alanlarına %5 ıslaklıkta dökülmektedir.



Our Mission

We deeply value honest and quality customer service. In every
aspect there is. We strive to be the best in everything that it is
we do.

Our Vision

Despite competitors and global businesses constantly
developing. We aim to grow in a rapid manner and also work
very hard in order to represent Turkey in the best way